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Geemarc Amplified Big Button Telephone

This Geemarc GM-AmpliCL100 Amplified Big Button Telephone is Large, high-contrast buttons and Adjustable volume control (up to 40dB).
$47.00 $99.99

Geemarc Amplified Corded Phone with ITAD

This Geemarc GM-Ampli555 Amplified Corded Phone with ITAD is Extra loud amplification, tone control, amplified speakerphone and slow message playback ensures all calls are heard clearly.
$124.99 $199.99

Geemarc Amplified phone with Talking Caller ID

This Geemarc Amplified GM-Ampli550 phone with Talking Caller ID is Desk or wall-mount, Hearing aid compatible
$125.99 $149.99

Geemarc DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Phone

This Geemarc AmpliDect350 DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Phone is Up to four handsets can be paired to the base unit.
$95.00 $149.99

Geemarc Emergency Response Telephone 40db

This Geemarc AMPLI600 Emergency Response Telephone 40db is Provides added security without monthly security monitoring fees
$102.18 $199.99

Geemarc Hearing Aid Compatible Headset

This Geemarc CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset is Lightweight headset and microphone specifically adapted for connection to the CLEARSOUND range.
$54.99 $99.99

Geemarc Multifunction Amplified Telephone

This Geemarc AMPLIPOWER60 Multifunction Amplified Telephone is Extra bright visual ringer indicator (camera flash)
$95.00 $199.99
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