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Krown Amplified Ringer and Strobe

This Krown KRN-K-RA-005 Amplified Ringer and Strobe is Adjustable, up to 120 dB, line powered and Wall mount option included
$35.99 $69.99

Krown KMFT-793 Visual Phone Flasher (LED)

This Krown KMFT-793 Visual Phone Flasher (LED) is All-in-one product powered by the phone line, no additional power supply needed.
$25.99 $49.99

Krown Wireless Door Knocker

This Krown KRN-K-DK125 Wireless Door Knocker is An effective alerting device for home, office, dorm, hotel or motel, Krown’s Door Knocker 125 can be placed above any door and its ultra bright LED indicator will flash repeatedly alerting you someone is knocking.
$32.50 $69.99
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