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Targus line of products includes a variety of backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases andall designed to store notebook computers and other manifestations of mobile computing. 

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Targus Chill Mat for Netbooks, Black

The Chill Mat can be also used in the office to protect furniture from heat damage, or on the go to protect your lap from heat.
$5.99 $14.99

Targus Soundup High Definition Sound Enhancer for Ipod & MP3 Players

The Targus AEA03US Soundup High Definition Sound Enhancer for Ipod & MP3 Players is separates and reprocesses digital music files, providing a threedimensional sound envelope from your MP3 player. Suitablefor iPods or other MP3 players on the market
$9.99 $19.99

Targus Universal USB Docking Station with Digital Audio - Black

The Targus Universal Docking Station w/ Digital Audio is designed to connect to any laptop with a USB port. Simply plug in the USB cable to connect a network, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers or other external peripherals.
$19.90 $49.00

ThinkPad ONR002US Vertical Roller Case

The ThinkPad 15.6” Vertical Rolling Laptop Case was created for the professional on the move
$64.99 $99.99
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