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XBLUE Digital and VoIP business phone systems comes install ready with Auto Receptionist / Automated Attendant and a Voice Mail box for every system user. 

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XBlue 2 Port CO Module

This XBlue XB-1630-00 2 Port CO Module is expansion board will bring the system to its maximum capacity of 6 telephone lines.
$107.00 $149.99

XBlue Integrated X16 Cordless Telephone Module

Cordless Telephone Adapter.We know you can't be chained to your desk and get the job done. You've got meetings need to check inventory find files or take orders
$84.00 $134.99

XBlue Network Speakerphone-Vivid Blue

This XBlue XB-1670-92 Network Speakerphone-Vivid Blue is One touch record feature records real time conversations and XBlue Vivid Light design: brightly visible blue and green LEDs.
$144.99 $199.99

XBlue Networks Speakerphone-Charcoal

This XBlue XB-1670-00 Networks Speakerphone-Charcoal is One touch record feature records real time conversations
$122.00 $199.99

XBlue Networks speakerphone-Red Mahogany

This XBlue XB-1670-76 Networks speakerphone-Red Mahogany is Easy to read interactive LCD display and High-quality speakerphone
$114.00 $199.99

XBlue Networks Speakerphone-Titanium

This XBlue XB-1670-86 Networks Speakerphone-Titanium is an exceptional quality speakerphone and provides an easy to read interactive LCD display.
$126.00 $169.99

XBlue Networks X16 KSU Communications Serve

This XBlue XB-1610-00 Networks X16 KSU Communications Serve is 4 Voicemail ports with 2 hours of message storage and 3-Way conference
$248.00 $399.99

Xblue Speakerphone Pink

This Xblue Speakerphone Pink is Navigation key allows for easy access to features and Easy to read interactive LCD display
$125.99 $169.99

XBlue TS-107 5 Port Connector

This XBlue XB-1698-XB TS-107 5 Port Connector is Allows up to 5 telephone extensions to be connected to a single port in the X16 system.
$17.00 $39.99
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